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The WVU Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education strives to breathe new life into American civic education, through innovative scholarly practices and immersive educational programs.

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negro leagues beisbol

Negro Leagues "Beisbol"

A celebration of African American Baseball and Hispanic culture from 1860-1960. Learn more...

national history day

National History Day

A contest that offers budding historians the opportunity to complete their own historical research projects. Learn More...

anne frank copyrighted

Anne Frank:
A History for Today

A traveling exhibit used to educate visitors about the consequences of intolerance. Learn More...


Touching History

The Wisdom of Ages Athenaeum offered a chance to see a collection of historical works.
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Civics in a digital republic

A Transformative Curriculum


By Dr. Robert A. Waterson

This innovative curriculum book provides key materials, resources, and tools to help secondary educators prepare their students to be engaged citizens of their community, state, nation and world. Five complete units of instruction, based on West Virginia Content Standards and Objectives, provide meaningful lessons while being mindful of the transition from tangible text to more digital curricula:

Rights of the Individual

Freedoms of the Individual

Responsibilities of the Individual

Beliefs Concerning Societal Conditions

Financial Literacy