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The CDCE Challenge

The Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education’s main goal has been to help revitalize the historic American Civic Education experience and build upon this tradition, while setting the course for future innovation. This challenge, most certainly, will require a commitment on the part of the higher education community, the education profession, and, of course, the general public to restore a degree of integrity and importance for civic knowledge. This goal is in compliance with a charge issued by former Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter, who stated: “Civic education must be raised to a new power; it is the birthright of every American.”

Clearly, the CDCE must assume a leadership role for the development of a new generation of American citizens. To accomplish this goal, the CDCE must offer assistance in three integral areas: scholarship, teaching, and service for the purpose of developing relevant and innovative civic education programs and effective instructional practices for our schools. This engagement with our university, community, state, and nation is in clear alignment with a purposeful and engaged university, which reflects West Virginia University’s role as a 21st century, land grant university.

If you'd like to learn more about the CDCE or have specific questions, please the director of the Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education using the information below. 

Robert A. Waterson, Ph.D.

Phone: (304) 293-3849 
Office: 700  Allen Hall

Mailing Address:

Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education 
WVU College of Education and Human Services 
Attn: Robert A. Waterson 
P.O. Box 6122 
Morgantown, WV, 26506-6122