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Director's Welcome

Dr. Robert A. Watersonwaterson

Welcome to the website for the Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education (CDCE). A critical goal of the CDCE is to establish a viable communication tool which will be committed to promoting a more educated and responsible citizenry, supportive of democratic principles practiced in the United States.

This website will provide information regarding programs that reflect the importance of historical documents such as the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence; heroes in American history; American political traditions; various government institutions; citizenship participation; and the rights and responsibilities of all citizens.

The CDCE website will also provide an opportunity to form a CIVITAS SOCIETY. If it is correct that a land-grant University in the 21st century must be of use and value to our society and serve students of today and tomorrow and not yesterday, then we must develop innovative ways to connect with and develop enduring relations with our social studies students. 

The Civitas Society segment of this website will serve social studies educators in a way that will formulate a consciousness of a greater community of learners, as well as directly impact, through engagement of shared values, our community, university, state, and nation. Through current and future technology this community of social studies educators could provide insight and analysis of what has been effective and productive in terms of our teacher preparation program. 

By utilizing this website in an interactive manner, we might engage a greater community of learners that hopefully will be able to share lesson plans, creative curriculum designs, research articles, examples of best teaching practices, and discussions of current issues in social studies/civic education. 

The CDCE currently is developing nationally recognized curricular, professional development opportunities, and experiential learning programs. The principal goals of the CDCE’s programs are to help students develop an understanding of the fundamental principles and values of American constitutional democracy; the skills necessary to participate as effective and responsible citizens; the readiness to use democratic procedures, such as deliberation, for making decisions and managing conflict.

Dr. Robert A. Waterson
Director, Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education
West Virginia University

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