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Regional Education Services Agencies

RESA has bridged the county education system with numerous educational agencies, while maintaining the support of the West Virginia State Board of Education and the West Virginia Legislature. Through programs in health and safety, education, financial benefits and technology, RESA seeks to benefit students, schools and communities throughout West Virginia.

The Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education (CDCE) was in Huntington, WV on January 17 for the first stop in the 2013 Regional Education Services Agencies (RESA) West Virginia Instructional Caravan. Under the direction of Dr. Robert Waterson, the CDCE illustrated the E-textbook, Civics in a Digital Republic, for those in attendance. The E- textbook lays out a curriculum that was developed with West Virginia civics educators in mind. Civics in a Digital Republic offers curriculum that includes sections on financial management, geography and bullying. The E- textbook is available in three formats, which include the soft copy, e- publication and PDF.