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Anne Frank: A History For Today

Anne Frank: A History for Today is a specially designed and created traveling exhibit, created by the Anne Frank Center USA , used to educate visitors of all ages about the dangerous consequences of intolerance to all communities. The narrative text teaches, images reinforce, and the subtext urges visitors to take action to understand what intolerance is, and to work together to create a society based on mutual respect.

Examining World War II and the Holocaust through the perspective of Anne Frank not only helps students achieve greater comprehension of common curricula, it can also help adults understand how indifference, 
acceptance, and apathy destroy individuals, families, neighbors, and entire communities.

In addition to this exhibit, the Anne Frank Social Justice Educational Experience also featured the following components:

  • Educational Lectures
  • Community Engagement
  • Professional Workshops
  • Outreach/Partnership with Schools
  • Social Studies and Literacy Programs
  • Social Justice Conversations
  • Service-Related Activities
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View more photos from the event in the site report. 

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