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Institutional Citizenship Program

The Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education (CDCE) presented two programs that provided different ways that West Virginia University (WVU) academic entities can participate in their mission to serve the people of West Virginia and beyond. Collaborative efforts that unify individual entities to accomplish common goals offer significant rewards for all factions, and serve exceptionally well the university and its greater community.

These programs are instrumental in developing a road map for institutional engagement and outreach, best defined by the phrase “Institutional Citizenship.” The CDCE’s guiding principles provide a specific model for outreach and engagement and are a reflection of WVU President James P. Clements’ statement, “We want to partner more in the coming years to continue developing the flagship university that West Virginia deserves—one that offers a quality education to our students, one that competes successfully in the global economy, and one that promotes long and healthy lives for all of us” (January 19, 2011).

The CDCE and the WVU College of Education and Human Services was pleased to have a distinguished guest, Dr. A.G. Rud, present two presentations as part of the Institutional Citizenship Program.

a.g. rud talking to audience presentation

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